the Riedel Laboratory

Molecular Mechanisms of Aging Regulation

lab retreat in December 2016 (curling)

Lab Members

Christian Riedel, PhD
Group Leader


email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Lluís Millán Ariño, PhD

email: lluis.millan.arino(at)

Jérôme Salignon, PhD

email: jerome.salignon(at)

Ilke Sen, MSc
PhD Student

email: ilke.sen(at)

Alan Kavsek, MSc
PhD Student

email: alan.kavsek(at)

Xin Zhou, PhD

email: xin.zhou(at)

Andrea Stöhr, PhD

email: andrea.stoehr(at)

Georges Janssens, PhD

email: georges.janssens(at)

Xin Xuan Lin, MSc
PhD Student

email: xin.lin(at)


Lioba Körner, Master Student

Naghmeh Rajaei, Postdoc

Marco Lezzerini, Postdoc

Mengshan Liu, Master Student

Bora Baskaner, Research Assistant

Simone Brandenburg, Research Assistant

Nataly Puerta Cavanzo, Master Student

Marlies Oomen, Master Student

Irem Yücel, Bachelor Student

Tanja Iken, Bachelor Student

Other Photos and resources:

video showcasing the ICMC

the lab in August 2014

our lab at the ERIBA retreat 2013 to Schiermonnikoog

Ilke and Simone in the lab (2013)